June 2023

Thursday , June 01

Il n'y a pas d'évènement ce mois-ci

Formation continues


The online workshops of the Grand Luxe’s network

The Grand Luxe’s network offers to set up an tailor-made circuit to accompany new choreographic creators and their projects in the Grande Région, and organises numerous activities including a professional platform for young choreographers.

More information on Grand Luxe HERE.

During the lockdown period, the network partners imagined another way to connect artists with each other and use this time to strengthen their support through online discussions and workshops to provide training.

These workshops gave them practical tools – administrative and technical skills – to help them grow in their careers, as well as time for discussions to share their thoughts and views on the situation of the pandemic, how it is evolving, and what it will mean for contemporary dance in the medium and long term.

Conducted by speakers, members of the network or workers within the structures of the partners, these workshops took place approximately every two weeks, and were renewed in 2021. Among the topics covered were:

– Negotiation techniques
– Communication skills
– Understanding a data sheet
– New forms of creation
– Structuring a company office

The Luxembourgish artists Valérie Reding, Simone Mousset, Léa Tirabasso, Anne-Mareike Hess and Rhiannon Morgan participated in this online training programme, contributing to the exchange of ideas and the strengthening of the artistic community.

Formation continues


The TROIS C-L Centre de Création Chorégraphique luxembourgeois, the THEATER FEDERATIOUN, the Ministry of Culture, the House of Training and the Oeuvre Nationale de Secours Grande Duchesse Charlotte have developed a professional training course to coach future bookers and company administrators.

The objectives of this programme are to develop a professionalization curriculum to form the future administrators of companies and bookers  in Luxembourg in order to respond to the growing need of artists in the performing arts and allow artists to hire highly trained people, to strengthen the structure of Luxemburgish companies and to contribute to their professionalization and greater visibility, especially on an international level.

This training provides for a certain number of units aimed at artists as well as future company administrators and bookers : it will provide the opportunity to share certain fundamental principles and to enable artists to understand and follow the work of the people they employ. These joint units will encourage opportunities for collaboration between artists and professionals.

The training for administrators and bookers is relevant to both theatre and contemporary dance, and includes a practical part at the end of the training, as well as a continuous monitoring in the following years.

This training is intended for people in reconversion, for people from the sector seeking to settle in Luxembourg, for students in the entertainment and/or cultural professions following their studies, or for actors, dancers, musicians, performers, technicians, production staff, collaborators of cultural structures, persons who wish to work in the fields of administration and production of shows.