COVID-19: Update about TROIS C-L's situation

COVID-19: Update about TROIS C-L's situation

Dear audience,

TROIS C-L will be closed until further notice. However, our team is still reachable by e-mail! Find all the contact details by clicking HERE

Referring to the restriction instructions announced by the Government Council, we inform you that our events, workshops for amateurs and daily professional classes are being suspended for now.

This affects:


21.03: Aifric Ní Chaoimh’s class – cancelled
28.03: Aifric Ní Chaoimh’s class – cancelled
03.04: Rhiannon Morgan’s workshop – cancelled
04 + 05.04 :  Nobuyoshi Asai’s workshop – cancelled
18 + 19.04 : Saeed Hani’s workshop – cancelled
25.04 : Aifric Ní Chaoimh’s class – cancelled
27.04 ▸ 30.04 : Baptiste Fisson’s workshop – cancelled

16.03 ▸ 20.03: open studio – cancelled
23.03 ▸ 27.03: Jean-Guillaume Weis’s class – cancelled
30.03 ▸ 03.04: Francis Albiero’s class – cancelled
06.04 ▸ 10.04 : Rakesh Sukesh’s masterclass – cancelled
14.04 ▸ 17.04 : open studio – cancelled
20.04 ▸ 24.04 : Henri Mayet’s class – cancelled
27.04 ▸ 30.04 : Baptiste Fisson’s class – cancelled

We also inform you that April’s 3 DU TROIS will be online. More information > HERE.


We are currently monitoring developments for the next few days and we will notify you here of any changes.

Thank you for your understanding.

TROIS C-L’s team


*For participants who are already registered for these workshops, TROIS C-L gives you the possibility to:
— Ask the refund of your registration. Please send at stages(at) your name and banking information (IBAN and BIC)
Not ask the refund. The current situation involving the cancellation of all cultural activities has a strong impact on artists, who are directly affected by the domino effect of shows, classes and workshops cancellation.
Please inform us of your decision by writing to stages(at) before April, 5th 2020. If you don’t write us by then or if you decide not to request a refund, we will donate the full amount of your registration to the teacher.


Photo © Bohumil Kostohryz