The initiatives of artists’ collectives, artists, and creative centres to invite dance at home in times of lockdown!


This period of isolation does not prevent the imagination from flowing and initiatives from blowing. In these particular circumstances of lockdown, the artists have mobilized themselves to offer you entertainment and dance classes to do at home. TROIS C-L has listed the different projects of artists. You can discover below all the different projects set up by the choreographic scene.




Shoe Dances in pandemic times by Elisabeth Schilling


Elisabeth Schilling invites you to take your favorite pair of shoes, put them on and make a short video of dancing, walking, jumping… and send it to her. Her goal is to create a video that regroups all these pairs of shoes and to post them in order to bring back smile in this period of being in lockdown. This initiative is open to everyone, professionals, dancers, choreographers, and amateurs at home.

The video should be approximately 20-30 seconds long and can be sent to Elisabeth Schilling on her Instagram, her Facebook, or directly on her email.

The artist has already received many videos, from all over the world, from people of all ages, artists and amateurs! You can already see her current project  HERE

For more information, you can click  HERE

Photo © Capture d’écran Viméo – Marie-Laure Rolland, La Glaneuse


→ LuCoDa – Luxembourg Collective of Dance


LuCoDa – Luxembourg Collective of Dance offers you free live dance classes, every day (except Sunday), with a different teacher. It’s the perfect opportunity to keep the rhythm going and be enthusiastic!

All information can be found on their Facebook page, which you can find  HERE

Photo © Lucoda


Dancing from Within – Classes of Body-Mind Centering® by Annick Pütz


Annick Pütz will give five sessions on the theme Meeting Resistance: Yield, Push, Reach and Pull with Body-Mind Centering® classes on April 29, 2020 and May 6, 13, 20, and 27, 2020. She will teach a session in German/Luxembourgish in the morning from 8h45 to 10h15 and a session in French in the evening from 5h45 to 7h15.

If you are interested in these sessions, you can send an e-mail to with your contact details (name, surname, e-mail address and telephone number) and indicate for which of the two schedules you would like to register. You can find all the information  HERE

To learn more about Body-Mind Centering®, you can click HERE

ℹ️ Fees apply

Photo © Bohumil Kostohryz


ALGHABA by Jill Crovisier


Somewhere in the dark woods an isolated woman gets lost on her way to Avignon. Carrying with her the flowers of the choreographic work The Hidden Garden the creature wonders around facing a tragic reality.

Filmed at the end of March 2020, ALGHABA is a project by Jill Crovisier, made in collaboration with Tiago Benzinho, a composer / musician with whom she works for 2 years now, and it invites you to take a journey into the creation The Hidden Garden from the artist. TROIS C-L invites you to discover the video HERE

This video has been published by LAC Laboratoire d’Art Contemporain at the beginning of April 2020.

Photo © JC Movement Production


LET’S DANCE de Léa Tirabasso


Léa Tirabasso a lancé une cagnotte pour lever des fonds afin de soutenir la campagne #GetLippy of the charity The Eve Appeal.  The Eve Appeal charity is raising awareness & funding research into the five gynae-cancers: Vaginal, Vulval, Ovarian, Cervical and Womb. A very important charity for the choreographer, who is one the ambassadors.

In order to reinforce this awareness among the public, Léa Tirabasso is offering an online contemporary dance class on Saturday 9 May 2020 from 10am to 11am via Zoom. The concept is simple: after your donation, a zoom link will be sent to you to participate to the class on Saturday morning and all you have to do is put on comfortable clothes (red!), even in your pyjamas!

There is no age restriction, no need to have a specific level in dance, or a large space.

All information can be found HERE

Photo © Léa Tirabasso




→ Grand Luxe network

Among the structures of the Grand Luxe network, initiatives have been put in place to offer content and entertainment during confinement!

Le Ballet de Lorraine invites you to discover the video recordings of their repertoire in order to give you the opportunity to see shows from home! All information HERE

POLE-SUD CDCN Strasbourg invites you to discover excerpts from the EXTRA-DANCE festival shows online, from the comfort of your own home. As the festival has been cancelled due to the health crisis, this is the opportunity to (re)discover the video recordings. All information HERE


→ EDN | European Dancehouse Network


TROIS C-L has recently become part of the réseau EDN | European Dancehouse Network, and offers you the possibility to see all the dance projects they have listed, whether it is online classes, dance reviews, radio shows or videos of shows put online, there is something for everyone!

All this to keep you entertained and inspired during this time of confinement! All information HERE


→ Other initiatives to discover…


Numerous artists (some of them where at a artistic residency or in a representation at TROIS C-L) have proposed content on their social media in order to keep the spirit of contemporary dance in motion! For the pleasure of the eyes, to keep you busy and make you travel, TROIS C-L proposes here some dance projects in lockdown, to watch and rewatch without moderation!


☞ Lucyna Zwolinska, fußboden 


In March 2019, Lucyna Zwolinska came to the rooms of TROIS C-L for a residency and has been giving professional classes regularly in our classrooms ever since. In this confined period, Lucyna Zwolinska takes us on a journey through a spellbinding dance video, which TROIS C-L invites you to discover by clicking HERE.

Photo: Screenshot © DR


☞ Julien Carlier, Solo confiné


Julien Carlier came for a residency at TROIS C-L in February 2019 and then again for a performance at the 3 DU TROIS in March 2020. He published a video on his Facebook page called Solo confiné where you can watch a cover of the Abis company’s solos in front of a mirror to discover another perceptive of solo work! To see the video, you can click  HERE

Photo: Screenshot © DR


Zug by Jos Rosier


Jos Rosier, creator, dancer and poet, has created a video with the choreographer Jill Crovisier called Zug. Made with the images of Der Zug, taken during filming in April 2016 with Raoul Schmitz (Welcome to Skin) for World Dance Day, Jos Rosier created a lockdown project called LITTLE THINGS – moments of magic in a troubled world. These short videos feature choreographies around simple themes from everyday life.

Discover the video HERE

If you want to see the other videos of the LITTLE THINGS – moments of magic in a troubled world project, click HERE

Photo © Screenshot, All rights reserved


☞ BIRDGANG LTD, Online classes


Established in 2015, BIRDGANG LTD is a leading UK creative company that creates, teaches and distributes avant-garde dance content for stage, theatre, television and film. With powerful visuals, vivid colours and striking sequences, they challenge social stereotypes in order to create positive social change.

During this lockdown period, they offer live classes through their Instagram every Tuesday at 7PM and online classes (ℹ️ Fees apply) every Wednesday and Thursday at 7PM with a Zoom link.

For more information on these online classes, click HERE

Photo © Screenshot, BIRDGANG LTD


☞ Agostina D’Alessandro, Disconuous Body 2


Created in lockdown with 13 students from the Conservatoire of Anvers, the choreographer Agostina D’Alessandro presents a short film called Discontinous Body 2, which explore a new way of creating art piece while respecting the new distanciation rules. A second short film is being edited with six female dansers from the Fontys Dance Academy – Tilburg / Holland.

Agostina D’Alessandro works in collaboration with Grand Studio based in Belgium, a structure with which TROIS C-L has been exchanging for many years now, and they are both in the Grand Luxe network.

You can see her video by clicking HERE
You can read the biography of Agostina D’Alessandro HERE

Photo © Screenshot, All rights reserved


☞ Sylvia Camarda & Yann Tonnar, WAHN



WAHN is a cinematic reflection of the danced pandemic, which equates the loss of an imprisoned body with an imprisoned mind.

« In the darkness of a narrow corridor, the body of a dancer bounces against the walls. She finds a door and meets a completely different image of herself. But this image is only a semblance, like the furry woman who ends up freezing in her madness. »

To see the video, click HERE