Who are we, what do we do?

Among the different players in Luxembourg’s choreographic sector, TROIS C-L | Maison pour la danse is the country’s leading organisation for contemporary dance. Supported by the Ministry of Culture, it fulfils several roles on a nationwide basis:

Supporting and producing artistic work

Appointed by the Ministry of Culture, TROIS C-L has responsibility for managing the financial aid allocated each year for choreographic projects in Luxembourg (for emerging and established artists).

Developing a contemporary dance network

TROIS C-L runs the network devoted to contemporary dance in Luxembourg with the aim of developing a high degree of « cultural coverage », offering a demanding and varied artistic programme in the country.

Providing continuing professional training

TROIS C-L offers professional dancers and choreographers a high-quality programme including daily professional classes, master classes and special training.

Raising awareness

Raising awarenessamong the general public of contemporary dance in its most diverse forms.
On the third of each month TROIS C-L organises the « 3 du TROIS », an outstanding cultural event with a multidisciplinary artistic programme seeking to rethink or question society and the choreographic arts. For the general public, this provides a unique opportunity to discover the world of contemporary dance from various perspectives, during discussions with the guest artists. TROIS C-L proposes amateur dance classes and courses for the public, to enable them to take their experience as a viewer one stage further by trying these artistic activities for themselves.


As a Luxembourg-based centre for contemporary dance, TROIS C-L works to support professional choreographers and dancers by making the promotion of their work beyond national borders one of its core activities. Its work in this field is intended to put artists and venues in touch with one another, thereby facilitating the touring of their choreographic work. TROIS C-L consequently takes part in major festivals and professional events in the contemporary dance sector in Europe (Biennale de la danse in Lyon, Kunsten Festival in Bruxelles and the Internationale Tanzmesse in Düsseldorf).

The goal pursued by TROIS C-L is to develop an ambitious programme providing artists with opportunities to achieve greater visibility in their artistic work outside Luxembourg.

TROIS C-L’s mission where international promotion is concerned is focused on three areas: networking, international cooperation projects and international artist residency exchanges.


TROIS C-L is involved in numerous regional and international networks. This is the case with the European Aerowaves network (supported by the European Union’s cultural programme « Creative Europe », it has 45 partners from 33 European countries) or the cross-border Grand Luxe network, aimed at improving cooperation between several dance spaces in France, Belgium and Luxembourg. The partners concentrate upon establishing a support and professionalization programme for artists.

International cooperation projects

TROIS C-L is the main stakeholder where Luxembourg’s contemporary dance scene is concerned internationally, and enjoys excellent relationships with numerous organisations in Europe and beyond.

International artist residency exchanges

TROIS C-L is heavily involved in developing artist residency exchanges with numerous European partners. For several years it has run exchange programmes enabling choreographers to collaborate with other artists and get feedback and plenty of time and space to create work.

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Founded at the initiative of the Ministry of Culture in 1994, from the outset the TDM association (« Théâtre dansé et muet ») was intended to promote choreography in Luxembourg. Bringing together the various players from the dance world, the TDM’s objectives were both artistic and educational.

After operating for more than a decade, the « Théâtre dansé et muet » was transformed into the TROIS C-L – Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois. This change was in line with the expansion and the increasingly professional nature of the contemporary dance sector in Luxembourg. Unlike in other European countries, Luxembourg’s artistic scene does not include dance companies covered by any annual agreements with the Ministry of Culture. This important difference has in no way prevented it from being a source of rich artistic diversity, both in terms of the creative people comprising it and the projects pursued.

Continuing the work of its predecessor, TROIS C-L has devoted itself to programming and producing artistic work both on a national and international level while at the same time handling the promotion of Luxembourgish choreographic creativity in the Greater Region and beyond.

Official statutes

Since the beggining, the TROIS C-L | Maison pour la danse has been subsidized by the Ministry of Culture.

Charte de déontologie

Depuis 2022, le TROIS C-L | Maison pour la danse est adhérent à la Charte de déontologie pour les structures culturelles publiée par le ministère de la Culture.


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