Aerowaves – Dance across Europe

> The Aerowaves network – Dance Across Europe

Created in 1996, the Aerowaves network provides young choreographers with the opportunity to have their creations performed on stage in many European towns and cities.

Through their objective of discovering new talent, the network affirms its role as mediator between choreographers, international programmers and dance lovers throughout Europe.

Aerowaves is supported by the Cultural programme of the European Union and is made up of 45 partners from 33 European countries, including TROIS C-L.

Organised each year, the Spring Forward Festival is a professional platform that allows emerging artists who have been selected in the TopTwenty to present their pieces to international programmers throughout Europe.

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> Aerowaves Dance Festival Luxembourg

The Aerowave network’s participation in various gatherings and events provides TROIS C-L with the opportunity to strengthen their ties with their partner structures in Europe but also to create new relationships and develop new artistic projects.

Furthermore, as a way of honouring this network and its approved artists, TROIS C-L organises the Aerowaves Dance Festival Luxembourg every two years in conjunction with neimënster. This is a key and unique moment for contemporary dance in Europe.

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>  Launch of the Springback Magazine

2018 marked the launch of the online magazine, Springback, which presents dance in all its forms across Europe (and sometimes further). The magazine also reflects the Aerowaves network programme, known as “Springback Academy”. This project always takes place on the fringe of the Spring Forward Festival. Guided by experienced dance journalists, the participants of this training programme have the chance to discuss and exchange views on choreographic creation for three days, whilst perfecting their skills in contemporary dance review writing and exploring the possibilities that digital publication provides.

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FOCUS | Aerowaves Twenty20 Artists : 2 Luxembourgish choreographers chosen !

The Twenty20 artists have been selected by the Aerowaves partners. TROIS C-L is a Aerowaves patrner since 2006.

We are very proud to announce that 2 Luxembourgish choreographers have been selected to be part of the Aerowaves Twenty20 : Anne-Mareike Hess with her piece Warrior Léa Tirabasso with The Ephemeral Life of an Octopus.

You will meet the Twenty20 artists at Spring Forward from Friday 24th to Sunday 26th April 2020, hosted by the Croatian Cultural Centre in Rijeka (Croatia).

Cancelled due to COVID-19.

Warmest congratulations to those 2 wonderful artists and to all the others !

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More information about Warrior ICI

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« I feel very excited and proud to be selected as one of the Twenty20 Artists by Aerowaves. This is a confirmation for me but also for the great team of collaborators and supporters around me and I am thankful for their trust. I take it as an encouragement to continue my path with the same persistency and curiosity. It’s a big chance for me. I am so much looking forward to present my solo Warrior at Spring Forward Festival in Rijeka. This will increase the visibility of my work and I have high hopes that it will create more opportunities for me to tour my work in the future. »

– Anne-Mareike Hess




More information about the piece ICI

Full biography ICI


I am really happy, proud and honored to be part of the Twenty20, and to be considered one of « the freshest dance makers in Europe ».
I like this idea of freshness, implying a forward moving and dynamic energy..

To be selected for Aerowaves is only the result of a beautiful team work, made by a super bold and playful team.
I am looking forward to discovering what the adventure has in the reserve for our Octopus.

– Léa Tirabasso