European Dancehouse Network

European Dancehouse Network is a network of trust and collaboration between 40+ European dancehouses sharing a common vision regarding the development of dance art across borders.

EDN believes that dance art is valued as an integral component of our every- day lives and culture, creatively contributing to the wellbeing of society and movement in itself, as the fundamental tissue of relatedness and empathy.

• coordinate support for the mobility of artists, dance presentations and cultural production in Europe.
• offer a broad range of opportunities for productive alliances with artists, producers, audiences and new publics.
• progress and sustain the professional development for dance professionals and creative producers.
• foster intercultural work and develop creative and social skills in multicultural teams.
• create strong working tools for the future of the sector.
• define an action plan towards the necessities of development, collaboration and recognition of dance as an art form.
• develop the dialogue with (European) funding bodies and advocacy for dance in Europe.
• develop research, knowledge and practices for audience engagement.
• develop dialogues with dance houses and dance ecologies beyond Europe.