> Work in progress - Residency exchange with JoJo - Oulu Dance Centre (FI)

Kitchen Sink is a fantastic performance about everyday life, alter egos and the intersection between love and art. The working group consists of choreographer Emmi Venna, director Ossi Koskelainen and fashion designer/plastician Daniel Palillo. This work draws its inspiration from the Kitchen Sink school (an artistic style in visual arts), and feeds from huis clos, sitcoms as well as the process of aestheticization of everyday life. Kitchen Sink mixes choreography, dramaturgy and scenography in order to create a performance space that functions on two levels: as an interactive performance that is sustained over time but also as a pre-choreographed and pre-theatricalized performance. Concept: Emmi Venna, Ossi Koskelainen, Daniel Palillo | With the support of: Kone Foundation, Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Proartibus, Finnish Institute Benelux

A MILLION EYES - Léa Tirabasso

> Digital version of the piece created for the students of the EDGE company of the London Contemporary Dance School

A million eyes is our message to the universe, an attempt to define what it is to be human, in its most extreme and misguided states. It is pure joy and derision, impetuous hope and magical communion, it is Jane Fonda dancing to the Beatles and the sun burning our skins. Commissioned by London Contemporary Dance School | Choreographer: Léa Tirabasso | Rehearsal Director: Jeannie Steele | Dancers: Sarah Baugstø, Tom Cassidy, Benjamin Curtis, Delilah Grocott Cain, James Healy, Lauren Jenkins, Miles Kearley, Liana Kleinman, Hannah Nichols, Mette Nilsen, Alice Pan, Jacquelyn Tepper, Sabrina Vongsuravatana, Trace Yeames | Director of Photography: Joseph Edwards | teadicam Operator: Jayy Jaramillo Gomez | Post Production: Barry Jarman | Costume: Frances Morris | Lighting: Lucy Hansom | Music: Robert Hood, Machinefabriek, Johannes Brahms, The Beatles

HVNGRY FOR MORE - Valerie Reding

> Photo exhibition

Welcome.e*x*s to our pantheon of queer icons, where otherness, diversity and vulnerability are nurtured, shared and celebrated. We are HVNGRY for more - hungry for more tolerance, more respect, more freedom, more visibility, more protection, more rights, more solidarity and more love! HVNGRY for more is a photo series by Valerie Reding consisting of seven portraits of queer people with diverse bodies, cultural and social backgrounds, sexualities, and gender identities and expressions. In close collaboration with the people portrayed and heavily inspired by references to religious iconography, camp, pop culture and video game aesthetics, HVNGRY for more creates a 'safe space' for the free exploration of alternative representations of trans and non-binary people as well as QPOC (queer people of colour) - well beyond gender binarity or other socialisations. Concept, photography, costumes, makeup: Valerie Reding | Models: Bruna Revlon, Edwin Ramirez, Elie Autin, Mahalia Giotto, Sandro Niederer, Sebastien Rück, Titilayo Adebayo | Photography assistance: Mahalia Giotto | Production assistance: Nicolas Dubosson | Fluorescent yellow acrylic bracelets: Milko Boyarov| Production, administration, communication: REDart, Valerie Reding| Partners: BØWIE - The Gender Projects Incubator, Be You Network, Ernst Göhner Stiftung, Étienne Germain, Fondation Indépendance by BIL, Kulturfolger, Lust*Art by Luststreifen Film Festival Basel, LOS - Lesbenorganisation Schweiz, Ministère de la Culture du Luxembourg, Pink Cross, Stadt Zürich Kultur, TGNS - Transgender Network Switzerland, TROIS C-L Centre de Création, Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois, zürich moves! festival In order to support the choreographers who are and will be part of the Luxembourg scene, two students from the Conservatoire de la Ville de Luxembourg will showcase their talents during the evening to give their respective careers a boost. Under the tutelage of Emanuela Iacoponi, they will present their personal choreographies created as part of the upper division exams. With the financial support of: Ministry of Culture, City of Luxembourg