Passionate people to accompany you


TROIS C-L thanks the technicians, interns and volunteers who are present all year long.

Executive Committee

M. Robert Bohnert, Mme Christiane Eiffes, M. Emmanuel Servais, Mme Florence Ahlborn, Mme Elvira Mittheis, M. Denis d’Ersu

Board of directors

M. Robert Bohnert, president | Mme. Christiane Eiffes, vice-president | M. Emmanuel Servais, treasurer| M. Denis d’Ersu, secretary | Mme Florence Ahlborn, member | Mme Elvira Mittheis, member | M. Carlo Hourscht, consulting member | Mme Lydia Bintener, member | Mme Marie-Laure Neiseler, member | Mme Eliane Biltgen, member | Mme Anu Sistonen, member | Mme Ann Swalus, member

Formal Statutes

The TROIS C-L | Maison pour la danse has been co-funded by the Luxembourg Ministry of Culture since its inception. It also has its seat at the Ministry of Culture.