3 DU TROIS | The challenges facing our societies

© Luca Truffarelli

SENTIENT – Liz Roche

As part of the AU∙TOUR DE programme, acclaimed Irish choreographer Liz Roche will present the beginnings of her new creation SENTIENT. Inspired by the dancing communication of bees, between social urgency and the wonder of nature, the choreographer will offer a new interpretation of the human essence in the face of the opposition made with the wild side on the fringes of our civilisations. Inspired by a comment by Samuel Beckett in Molloy, in which he confesses his wonder and then his limited understanding of the communicative complexities at play between bees, the work traverses three atmospheres, exploring vibrations, language and group communication.

Choreography : Liz Roche | Performers : Sarah Cerneaux, Emily Terndrup, Mufutau Yusuf, Toon Theunissen | Composition collaboration : Nick Roth and Nathalie Forget | Photo : Luca Truffarelli | Support : The Arts Council/An Chomhairle Ealaíonn, Culture Ireland ⎪ Photo : Luca Truffarelli


Moi, voyageur de rêve – Youri De Gussem

Youri De Gussem, for his part, will present a danced account of his family heritage and the collective memory that surrounds it. Moi, voyageur de rêve expresses a grandson’s admiration for his ‘dedo’, a Macedonian grandfather who emigrated at the age of 18 to obtain what he could never have had in his native country: the freedom to choose his own destiny. This story takes viewers through a series of nocturnal landscapes, within a story of flight, to honour the determination of those who aspire to a better life, far from war, suffering and horror.

Choreography & interpretations : Youri De Gussem | Choreographic assistant : Julie Querre | Light design : Youri De Gussem |Photo : Léa Junet | Video : Fa.Bamovska | Voice-over : Rado Babamofski | Production manager : Léa Wiplier – BEAST PRODUCTION | Support : Fédération Wallonie/Bruxelles (BE), Wallonie/Bruxelles International (BE) ⎪ Photo : Youri De Gussem


monsters – Valerie Reding

Finally, Valerie Reding will be presenting her monsters project as a spatial installation combining sound, photography, painting, testimonies and a performance; at its heart are surreal and powerful portraits of people who have overcome various forms of abuse (of power) in interpersonal relationships.
Looking beyond taboo and shame, monsters seeks to raise awareness of the subject of abuse, and is a celebration of (over)life, vulnerability, self-assertion, collective solidarity and love.

Artistic direction: Valerie Reding | Photography, costumes, make-up and spatial installation: Valerie Reding | Painting: David Weishaar | People portrayed : Aron Smith, Bastien Hippocrate, Pauline Canavesio aka BORA, Robyn Iyongo, Salou Sadras, William Cardoso | Texts : Aron Smith, Bastien Hippocrate, Pauline Canavesio aka BORA, Robyn Iyongo, Salou Sadras, William Cardoso | Tiled objects: Kwadrat by Luka Stamenkovic | Photography and production assistance: Nicolas Dubosson | Communication and visuals: Valerie Reding | Production: REDart | Partners and support: Fondation Émilie Gourd, Fonds Respect, LOS – Lesbenorganisation Schweiz, Ministère de la Culture, Oeuvre Nationale de Secours Grande-Duchesse Charlotte – Cliché II, Pink Cross, Stadt Zürich Kultur, TGNS – Transgender Network Switzerland