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The TRIBUNE // Dance Your Self! festival marks the 3rd participation of the TROIS C-L – Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois in a European Capital of Culture. TRIBUNE // Dance Your Self! offers 3 evenings of performances of choreographic works by 3 Luxembourg choreographers and 3 Lithuanian choreographers, as well as workshops for amateurs and professionals.

Choreographers Agniete Lisickinaite and William Cardoso kick off the first evening of TRIBUNE // Dance Your Self! with their respective works HANDS UP and Raum.
The two pieces, which will be performed one after the other on the Plancher des Coulées stage, will tackle topical issues that question our physical and psychological feelings.
Agniete Lisicknaite’s HANDS UP explores the culture of protest and its impact. William Cardoso, for his part, will create a meeting place where our demons come face to face with a desire for a form of balance.

HANDS UP – Agniete Lisickinaite (LT)

What kind of new protest generation will we raise? Will it be a symbol of freedom or aggression? We have less and less time to choose. “Hello, I am Agnietė and I invite you all to raise your hands in the air.”

HANDS UP is a physical body position that is reflected in many cultural, social and religious contexts. In Lithuania, protests are associated with the era of the reform movement, which remains highly romanticised. In the context of world events, from a sociological point of view, it is appropriate to question the culture of protest and its association with a form of virtue. Non-constructive protest is a form that can allow anarchy to take root. HANDS UP is a piece that explores the fragile distance between a form of abandonment and devotion, reconciliation and resistance. It raises questions such as: what kind of protest baby will we raise? Will it be a symbol of freedom or aggression? There is no single truth and no single answer to these questions.

Creative team: Agniete Lisickinaite, Bush Hartsorn, Morta Nakaite, Odeta Ryskute, Jokubas Tulaba, Povilas Laurinaitis | Producer: Domante Tirylyte | BE COMPANY

Project funded by the Lithuanian Council for Culture and the Lithuanian Dance Information Centre

Raum – William Cardoso (LU)

“Sometimes I feel like throwing myself against a wall to externalise the mental pain and transform it into physical pain.”

Raum is a place where we come face to face with our demons, our fears and our forgiveness. It is a place of confrontation and a search for inner balance in order to move forward in peace. This performance seeks to accept the darkness that sometimes dominates us, and to soften it by creating a space free of judgement and fear. Raum is a space for liberation and speaking out; it’s a stifled cry that we’ve been holding in for too long.

Choreographer: William Cardoso | Performers: Cheyenne Vallejo & William Cardoso | Sound creation : Guillaume Jullien in collaboration with William Cardoso | Supporters : TROIS C-L – Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois