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Tania Soubry

tania soubry danseTania Soubry is a performer and choreographer, especially interested in the intersection between soul, dance and music, between consciousness, the voice and the body. Her work’s intentions are sensuously intelligent, inter-connectedly witty, ecstatic, poetic and aesthetical experiences in the service of a global community in synthesis and reverence for all, the earth and the cosmos. Ceremony.

Since 2003 she creates work: Wholly (2003), it (instead of twenty-one-words) (2006), Back to the roots with Jimy (2008), Two people coming together(2009), soulsongdances (2013) and beat’n’shine (2014). Her work has been shown in Luxembourg, London, Cardiff, Berlin, Paris, Lille, Nancy, Grenoble, Vienna, Finland, Ljubljana, Croatia, Romania, Montreal and Hong Kong.

She danced for some companies (e.g. Vedanza in Luxemburg, Zephyr in Zanussi in London, Small Room Dance in France, Kimatica Studio in London) and (dance) artists (based in London or in France) such as Tino Seghal, Rosemary Butcher, Aloun Marchal, Fernanda Munoz-Newsome, Vangelis Legakis, Simonetta Alessandri) as well as in collaborations and within collectives, such as Exit Map in London.

She participated in the choreographic research and composition program Prototype II, “Vocal presence in choreographic scores” in Royaumont (FR) and was part of the Artists’ Support Program at the Conway Hall in Holborn (2014 – 2016).

Tania Soubry studied at the Conservatoire of Luxembourg, SEAD, BA(hons) in Dance Theatre at LABAN, Edge at London Contemporary Dance School, upgrading to an MA in Contemporary Dance Performance consisting of her solo adaptation of I’ll crane for you (2008), choreographed by Deborah Hay. Later she completed an MA in Performance Making from Goldsmiths. In 2002 she was a dance web participant, with Vera Mantero as a coach, and in 2004 she did a placement at Trisha Brown Company in New York. In 2018, she created the dance piece Soul-scapes with Catherine Elsen as part of the 5th volume of « Les Emergences ».

Further informations :
Soul-scapes (2018)
Beat’n’shine (2014)
Soulsongdances (2013)
Two people coming together (2010)
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Photo © Matthieu Rousseau