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Since 2011, the Tipperary Dance Platform festival has proposed laboratories and curated masterclass programs dedicated to enriching the experience, knowledge and practice of the dance community in Ireland.

During the pandemic, TROIS C-L and TDP started a new collaboration with the HOTSPOTS LABORATORY.

Eight locations across Europe, nine leading artists, over 50 dance artists. This Tipperary Dance Platform initiative is an international place for investigation and research, without travelling. A brand new way to work together: ten venues, organisations and festivals across Europe, eight dance studios, nine mentors host eight groups of dancers. Artists interact physically in the studio and virtually via a meeting application. On land and online. Minimising risks, minimising air travel but maximising encounters: this could be the motto of the Hotspots Lab, a transnational investigative laboratory that gathers no less than 50 artists in four different countries. The LAB reiterates values of place and physical presence, while fully respecting public health advice and regulations. The Hotspots LAB is a space where artists can reassert the value of their work and experience through formulation, shared expression, shared practice. A collective place where artists can see themselves through the eyes of others. An experience than enables and values dance discourse and dance experience.

TROIS C-L is partner of the project in 2020 and hosted the LAB during one day at Banannefabrik, with leading artist Léa Tirabasso, and a group of 6 professional dancers from Luxembourg. They were all connected with Ireland for this one-of-a-kind laboratory on October 8th, from 11:00 to 18:30.

TDP and TROIS C-L continued their collaboration in 2021. Irish choreographer Maria Nilsson Waller came to spend a residency period at TROIS C-L in August 2021 and Saeed Hani will go to Ireland in autumn to work on a new project with local dancers. He will take part in the festival by showing his work on October 8th and by giving a masterclass.