June 2023

Thursday , June 01

Il n'y a pas d'évènement ce mois-ci

3 DU TROIS JUNE | 3 du TROIS goes TalentLAB



Each edition of TalentLAB brings together a range of emerging artists and projects. The diversity of crafts, talents and forms of expression offers a wide spectrum of creativity. A meeting with the project leaders of this edition will embrace diversity by creating a moment of transversality, a bridge between different artistic worlds. The evening will continue with the 3 DU TROIS presenting two ” work in progress ” projects.


The shade of my own – IOANNA ANOUSAKI


With training in classical, contemporary, jazz, theatre and hip-hop, the choreographer and performer Ioanna Anousaki will focus with her piece,The Shade of my own, on the exploration of the multiple possibilities created by two human bodies moving together and producing different, deformed, complexified or enlarged shadows and forms. Can the shadow contribute to the perception of the subject through a form of play ? The shade of my own wishes to evoke the various emotions felt by people in isolation. It deals with a current issue of mental health awareness and a number of feelings such as fear, anger, loneliness and anxiety.

Interpretation : Ioanna Anousaki et Domenico Tucci | Sound design : Damiano Picci | Lights : Krischan Kriesten | Partners and supports : TROIS C-L – Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois, Ministère de la Culture Luxembourg, SACEM Luxembourg




Isabella Oberländer explores the complexities of the 21st century, environment, health and globalization in relation to dance. Bodies of Water takes hydrofeminism as its starting point. This doctrine explores the solidarity between aquatic beings and bodies of water, the fact that each being is connected through aquatic circulations. Water flows through bodies, species and materialities, connecting them for better or for worse. In this watery circulation, we absorb and leave traces, which are often invisible to those who take a sip.

Interpretation : Isabella Oberländer | External view & dramaturgy advisor : Lucy Suggatec | Sound : Craven Faults | Lighting & Technical Operator : Krischan Kriesten | Research supported by the Irish Arts Council grant. Many thanks to Dance Limeric. Isabella Oberländer is hosted on an exchange residency programme with Tipperary Dance Platform.

Rétrospectives des dernières éditions du TalentLAB — BOHUMIL KOSTOHRYZ

> Exposition photo

In his work, the photographer seeks to question the link between creation and research. The exhibition will highlight the backstage of the TalentLAB as an artistic laboratory.