3 DU TROIS | Contemporary vision

To be Schieve or a romantic attempt – Fanny Brouyaux

The performance To be Schieve or a romantic attempt will sensitively explore the visceral aspect of the Romantic movement and its legacy. Through a rhythmic mastery of physical and emotional tensions, the emergence of a sob, restraint, trembling and spasm, a choreography will emerge that illustrates the encounter between mastered gestures and spontaneous movements.
Evoking the beauty and anarchy of movement, the dancer will immerse her contemporary body in the music of the Romantic era, exploring the traces and impacts left on her body as a modern woman.


Performer and choreographer: Fanny Brouyaux | Outside view and assistants: Louis Combeaud and Jason Respilleux | Lighting designer: Grégoire Tempels | Sound designer: Yann Leguay | Regards ponctuels: David Séchaud, Sophie Guisset, Tumbleweed | Partners : Charleroi danse, Pôle sud CDCN Strasbourg, Le ballet de l’Opéra national du Rhin- CCN, Théâtre du Marché aux grains de Bouxwiller, Théâtre Marni, Centre culturel d’Anderlecht, Studio Thor, La Fabrique de théâtre, Mille Plateaux, CCN La Rochelle as part of the Ministry of Culture’s “accueil studio” program, Grand studio and Réseau Grand Luxe 2022-23.


« One Day » – Chen Wei-Yi

« One day »will depict a space where the dynamics of time and space are suspended. The choreographer will be able to study the influence of these and of different cultures, in a process of construction and deconstruction, which have influenced her body and mind. The choreographer will unfold a new form of documentation of a life path that has brought her to this point of contemporary creative strength, with poetry and accuracy.


Choreography & Performer: Chen Wei-Yi | Partners and Supporters: Shinehouse theatre, Shinehouse Theatre AIR program & Want to Dance Festival


Deserto tattile – Nicola Galli

Deserto tattile creates an imaginative vision of an environment that investigates the characteristics of human activity and its impact on the world. The choreography seeks to unite and condense gesture, light and sound in an organic, interdependent relationship to generate a figurative archive that narrates the desert as a space for contemplation of contemporary society. The abyss of the world’s places and the depth of the human soul take shape on stage, traversed by opaque, silent itinerant figures that invite our gaze to lose itself in multiple perspectives that appear and dissolve to the point of undoing the perception of space-time.


Performer and choreographer: Nicola Galli | In collaboration with : Margherita Dotta, Nicola Galli, Massimo Monticelli| Production: TIR Danza, Nebula | Co-production: Oriente Occidente | Residencies: TROIS C-L, Ballet de l’Opéra national du Rhin, Oriente Occidente I Support : Grand Luxe