Les Émergences – vol. 6

© Bohumil Kostohryz

This spring sees the return of “Les Émergences” ! After the success of previous editions, the launch of numerous choreographic careers and the emergence of new talents, the sixth volume of “Les Émergences” invites the general public to discover the artistic worlds of new faces in contemporary dance.

Initiated by TROIS C-L in 2015, “Les Émergences” encompasses a programme of support for contemporary creation in various forms, as well as a cycle of public performances. The aim of the project is to showcase up-and-coming choreographic signatures on Luxembourg’s artistic landscape, while building bridges between young creators and the general public.

Ahead of the premieres on April 19th & 20t, 2024, discover below some extracts from the creations:

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2024 | 19:00
Les Émergences | Prélude
Work-in-progress presentations during 3 du TROIS
TROIS C-L⎥ Banannefabrik
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Price : 8€ | 1,5€


RORETRA – Ioanna Anousaki

RORETRA depicts a dreamlike journey from mathematical transformations to contemporary dance movements, creating a space-time in which the performers construct and deconstruct dynamic formulas and play with geometry. A veritable encounter between science and the art of choreography, this duet seeks fluidity in the theoretical rigidity of precise patterns of rotation, reflection and translation. The piece focuses on choreographic language and the emergence of a dialogue with J.S. Bach’s score. RORETRA will plunge the audience into a poetic exploration of the interconnection of mathematics, form and aesthetics.

Choreography : Ioanna Anousaki | Performers : Ioanna Anousaki and Malcolm Sutherland | Costume designer : Alessia Bicchielli | Financial support: Fondation Independence by BIL


Echos Infinis – Alicia Cano & Benoît Callens

Taking its inspiration from loops, loops whose repetitions are infinite, Echos Infinis explores the state and evolution that these phenomena offer the individual. The creation of a continuum, in thought as much as in movement, enables us to reach new horizons, to remain in a state of full consciousness or to head towards infernal spirals. Echos Infinis questions the place of these cycles in our daily lives, and how we react to patterns that range from total rejection to acceptance and evolution. What are the possibilities that cannot be imagined?

Choreographers and performers : Alicia Cano & Benoît Callens / KnowEdge asbl | Financial support : Fondation by bil


The In Between – Norah Noush

The In Between delves into the quest for identity and the conflict that arises within the duality that can inhabit us and the different social and societal influences that affect us. This inner journey is driven by a struggle of conflicting ideas, thoughts and emotions that influence our view of the world and the different versions of ourselves that emerge over the course of a lifetime. The In Between illustrates the path and the representative moments of introspection, reflection and questioning that, in the end, could align our actions with our most authentic desires and allow us to discover ourselves a little more. Is this an illusory pursuit or an essential interlude for everyone?

Choreography: Norah Noush | Performer: Nora Hertwig | Music : Zakaria Nouih – Ekosyn


A project by : TROIS C-L | Maison pour la danse
Financial support : Ministère de la Culture, Ville de Luxembourg
Financial support for the pieces : Fondation Indépendance, SACEM Luxembourg