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The Franco-Luxembourg company Eddi van Tsui explores the many facets and flaws of today’s society through theatre and dance. It was founded by Sandy Flinto (director), Pierrick Grobéty (music & sound design) and Daniel Marinangeli (texts & dramaturgy).  What distinguishes their creative works is strong contemporary scenic writing as well as the impact of sound and visuals. “


Sandy Flinto, who divides her time living and working between France and Luxembourg, obtained a degree in visual and performing arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ravenna (Italy). She completed her artistic research by training at the Laboratoire de théâtre physique (LFPT) in Paris. Initially attracted by material, soon enough she turned to installation, video and performance. She draws inspiration from image theatre, documentary theatre and contemporary dance, and directs the trio’s works which she co-writes and stage-designs.

Pierrick Grobéty was born in Switzerland, grew up in Rwanda and currently divides his time between France and Luxembourg. He began his career as a drummer and continued his training in composition, conducting and music and sound interpretation. He also studied kinetic music to work with the movement of sound masses. Since 2010, he has specialized in live performances and installations, developing conceptual and technical devices for each project.

Since 2012, Sandy Flinto & Pierrick Grobéty have been working on a number of projects involving installation, video, performance, theatre and contemporary dance. Their productions make a strong impact through visual and sound effects. Since 2017, they have been working closely with author and playwright Daniel Marinangeli. In 2019, they declared their common language and collective expression by creating the Eddi van Tsui Company.


Artiste associé Kulturfabrik (2018-2021)

TROIS C-L – Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois

Ministère de la Culture Luxembourg

L’Oeuvre Nationale Grande-Duchesse Charlotte


2020-2021 | Ecological Anxiety Disorder

2019 | Vanitas, Live fast, never digest