Laboratoire Chorégraphique de Reims supports creations in contemporary dance in the Grand Est area by responding to dance artists’ needs and expectations on the territory. Their first mission is to follow new talents in every step of their development. They discover new emerging talents, guide them in their creation, including with production and administration advise. From the research in the intimacy of a studio to the public presentation, the Laboratoire Chorégraphique is an extraordinary place for contemporary dancers and choreographers in the Region and for innovating projects.

In 2019, choreographer Anne-Mareike Hess participated to Hors les Murs ! festival with her creation Warrior, which started the cooperation between TROIS C-L and Laboratoire Chorégraphique. TROIS C-L  hosted in exchange choreographer Anaïs Rouch in 2020 for a 3 du TROIS. Still in 2020, AWA – As We Are company was supposed to take part in Hors les Murs ! festival to present their creation With my eyes.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this exchange was postponed to 2021. In 2021, Cognitive Overload company from Reims came for a residency period at TROIS C-L followed by a 5-hours performance as part of HOЯS CIЯCUITS. Meanwhile, Sarah Baltzinger will spend a residency period in Reims in autumn and will present a work-in-progress of her new project ROUGE EST UNE COULEUR FROIDE.

In 2022, Cognitive Overload came back to TROIS C-L for a residency and Jennifer Gohier spent some time in Reims to work on her project PLAY. Jill Crovisier also showed The Hidden Garden and Boléro in Reims on May 14th as part of this collaboration between Laboratoire Chorégraphique and TROIS C-L.

In 2023, Isaiah Wilson goes to Reims for a week to work on a new format of laboratory-residency to work on his new project Score. Meanwhile, TROIS C-L hosts the Yellow Jacket Collective.

In 2024, TROIS C-L will host the KOSA company for a residency period and a 3 du TROIS while  Brian Ca will go to Reims to work on his new project We need to find each other. Moreover, Giovanni Zazzera will present his piece CREDERE during the DanSité festival on May 20th, 2024.