Frieda Gerson

© Bohumil Kostohryz

Some days I’m crazy. In fact, I’m crazy every day. I can’t help it. It would be contrary to my condition. Oh, sure, some days I’m crazier than others. And then, there are seven days in the week. Monday’s crazy is not Thursday’s or Friday’s crazy. And let’s not talk about weekend madness. To tell the truth, I’m happy in my madness.

Mind control is no longer science fiction. The ability of parasites to manipulate their host’s cognition and behavior is fascinating because it raises philosophical questions such as the notion of free will. PARASITE uses parasitic infection as a starting point to examine notions of choice, destiny, desire, and the traits each of us comes to associate with our “self”. The body is the primary tool of expression for this project combining circus, physical theater and scientific research: the artists will explore through the body what goes on in the brain.

Based between St Denis and Esch-sur-Alzette, Frieda Gerson first studied circus in San Francisco, then in Europe. She trained in physical theater at the École Jacques Lecoq (Paris) and with the SITI company (New York). She co-founded the Kallisti / Collectif en Cours company, as well as the Aeschois collective Ampersand Variations, and divides her time between creations in Europe and social circus projects around the world.


Concept & direction: Frieda Gerson
Writing: Frieda Gerson, Baptiste Gaubert
Musical composition: Emre Sevindik
Set design: Carla Chassang; l’Atelier Décors de Latitude 50
With: Julieta Martin, Marina Monmirel, Baptiste Gaubert
alternating with Julien Charrier