Elisabeth Schilling

Dancer-choreographer, Elisabeth Schilling and visual artist and designer, Alexander Ruth present SIXFOLD, a piece that brings together several disciplines, drawing on an in-depth study of movement between man and objects. On stage, the transient collides permanently, a sculpture replies to a constantly evolving choreography… Thus, a relationship develops between body, space and music, a relationship that has never existed as a distinct entity, but one that is defined by the way they are combined and mutually blend together.

The title of the piece relates to artistic research developed by Elisabeth Schilling, called “The Manifold Body”, allowing her to devise a movement from six perspectives: space, imagination, impact, time, texture, transition. This model is also the starting point of the choreographic language and the design of the sculpture.

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Concept, chorégraphie and performance: Elisabeth SchillingCreation design: Alexander Ruth
Artistic advisor: Anne-Mareike Hess
Sculpture: Sooye Kim FOAMNARA South Korea
Support iengineering: Ntlab Seoul South Korea
Dramaturgy: Moritz Gansen
Costumes: Dorothe Follmann
Light design: Nina Schaeffer
Video: Raoul Schmitz
Music creation: Phill Niblock
Misical arrangements: William ‘Bilwa’ Costa
Special thanks: Famille Schilling (in particular Hildegard E. Schilling), Jin Cho Youn, Simone Röhr , Claus Ewerhardt, Julia Gleich
Making Dances a.s.b.l.
Financial supports: 
City Moves Dance Agency Scotland, Franje Norway, Kulturstiftung Rheinland – Pfalz, Mainzer Kunst !, Seoul Dance Centre, Seoul Foundation for the Arts, Silvio und Waltraud dell` Antonio-Kunsmann-Stiftung, Sjönevad Art Center Sweden, The Studio Shetland